Supermind, Mind & the Overmind Maya – Sri Aurobindo

In this video, we discuss the book ‘The Life Divine’ is a major philosophical work of Sri Aurobindo. He presents a theory of evolution and the transformation of a human being and the advent of a divine life on earth.
In conversation with:
Doug Duff
Geoffrey Edwards (Scientist)
John Davis (Writer)
Marco Morelli (Poet/Writer)
Mateo Needham (Organizer)
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Discovering our Transparency – Billy Doyle

Billy is a qualified yoga teacher. He studied with many teachers in a wide variety of approaches. In 1982 he met Jean Klein who introduced him to Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition. He worked closely with him for many years attending his seminars in England, Holland, France and the United States. Billy has published a book which presents these teachings: Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening He’s also the author of The Mirage of Separation a collection of poems and prose written from a non-dualistic perspective, covering subjects that include identification, desire, time, the spiritual path and silence. Find out more about Billy here:

Seeing there is No One – Richard Sylvester ( Non-Duality )

After thirty years of seeking for “inner truth” through spiritual, therapeutic & philosophical means, Richard Sylvester met Tony Parsons and, as he writes in his first book ‘I Hope You Die Soon’, “that was the end of what he thought had been his life.” Richard now writes books and holds meetings about nonduality and liberation. Find out more about Richard here: